Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cop Tasers 8 Months Pregnant Woman During Parking Dispute

We don't know what really happened here, but we do know for sure a police brutality lawsuit will be coming down the pike. Tuesday night a Chicago police officer wrote Tiffany Rent a ticket for parking in a handicap spot at a Walgreens. She tore up the $200 ticket in the officer's face. What happens next is a case of she said/he said. According to the officer, Tiffany -- who's 8 months pregnant -- cursed at him and threw the shredded ticket in his face, then tried to drive off, despite the officer's warning that she not move. The officer got out of his car to write her a ticket for littering and asked her for identification. "I ain't giving you sh*t," she reportedly told the officer. As she got back into her SUV, the officer warned that he would use his stun gun if she drove away. When Tiffany "put her right hand on the gear shifter in an attempt to put the car in gear and leave the scene," the officer Tasered her. She was charged with resisting arrest and simple assault. Her baby daddy, Joseph Hobbs, was charged with with resisting arrest and simple assault. He also suffered a dislocated shoulder while scuffling with officers. Tiffany's unborn baby is OK. The officer said he didn't know she was pregnant. Earlier this year an Atlanta officer kicked a 9-month pregnant woman in the stomach. He claimed he didn't know she was pregnant, either.

source: WTSP
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