Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cops Who Allegedly Leaked Photo of Rihanna's Battered Face Won't Face Charges

Three years after an investigation was launched into two LAPD officers who leaked a photo of Ms Fenty's face after it was beaten to mush by "then" boyfriend convicted felon Chris Brown, there's a decision. Prosecutors say they are unable to file charges against officers Blanca Lopez and Rebecca Reyes for leaking the photos because there's no evidence TMZ -- which first published the photo -- paid them for it. Furthermore, prosecutors say other LAPD personnel had access to the photos. According to the district attorney, the photo was leaked after a stack of photographs of Ms Fenty's injuries was left lying on a desk at the Wilshire police station and officer Reyes took a picture of the top photo with her phone. She then emailed the image from her LAPD email address to her personal email address. Phone records show that the officers -- who were roommates at the time -- made multiple phone calls to Fox and TMZ shortly after snapping the photo. Blanca and Rebecca may have escaped criminal prosecution, but they're not out of the woods. They still risk losing their jobs or face an invasion of privacy lawsuit from Ms Fenty.

source: AP
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