Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man Sues The Burrito Lady After He Unwittingly Ate Dead Mouse in Breakfast Burrito

An Albuquerque man has slapped The Burrito Lady with a negligence lawsuit, claiming they served a burrito with a dead mouse in it. Henry Vigil -- who was a customer at the popular Mexican eatery for at east four years -- says he ordered two burritos, a burrito supreme and a chicharrón burrito on the morning of January 31, 2012. After eating half of the burrito supreme, Henry says he noticed a grayish matter that wasn't in any of the burritos he purchased from the store before. "He unwrapped the foul around the burrito, opened up the tortilla f the burrito and moved some chile aside with his finger an saw tha the grayish object was a half-eaten dead mouse," the lawsuit says. "Half of the dead mouse was missing all that remained was the head and two front legs." Henry said he suffered physical, psychological and emotional damages, including "dramatic weight loss," "diminished capacity to eat," "loss of enjoyment of life" and "emotional and psychological distress." He's seeking unspecified damages.

source: CNS
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