Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kola Boff Goes in on Kimora Lee Simmons + She Alleges Kimora is a Lesbian

For months, author Kola Boof has been firing shots at Kimora Lee Simmons, with whom she has had a grudge stemming from something Kimora supposedly did in 2008. (More on this, below). Anywho, the rumor is Kimora and her boyfriend/baby daddy Djimon Hounsou have separated. In a series salacious tweets, Kola -- who was one of Osama bin Landen's jumpoffs -- says she slept with Djimon "to get revenge on Kimora." In fact, she tweeted: "I f---ed her husband more than she did." Whaaaat?! Kola says she and Djimon have been having an affair for the past four years! Now that he's left Kimora, however, she has "no interest in sleeping with him further." On Thursday, Kola released an official statement explaining why she broke up Kimora's relationship and alleges that Kimora is a lesbian -- or at least, bisexual. Start clutching your pearls now. Caution: Grease ahead!
I was Djimon Hounsou's "hooni-hoosi-hole" for 4 years. His nickname for me was "Tight Stuff." That is what he affectionately called me. I liked our sexual encounters just as much as he did. My thing was finding places to f*** outdoors (naked in just heels; I have my own ranch & lake with woods)...*this always terrified Djimon but he did it anyway....and Djimon's thing was getting intense blow jobs; rough face-banging to the bottom of my throat to be exact. Djimon told me that Kimora was not sexually pleasing for him. He said she had been a real livewire before they got 'ritually married', but once they settled into life at home, she became boring and lazy about pleasing him. Not to be cruel...but in the marriage...Djimon was really just an unemployed actor whose best career move had been becoming a glorified assistant and Nanny to Kimora and Russell. He was not really the African King, but the ego-busted PROP for Kimora's P.R. about her perfect life and family. So yes, Kimora was very lazy about taking care of Djimon's very ferocious sexual appetite. The one thing that Kimora DID DO that I was unable to do sexually---is provide threesomes with other women. She often treated him to one of her lesbian "babes" and Djimon really liked that a lot and tried to pressure me to do it but I refused. I told him that I would do it with two guys in the bed--but not two girls. I have to be the only woman in a sex act. Still, I was Djimon's "look forward to" piece. Djimon told me that Kimora's vagina was like "bubblegum" and that his penis kept falling out during intercourse. He also complained of hygiene issues as she is widely known to go without showering for days and lounge around in Sweat suits funky and oyster-smelling without a care....Djimon and I were supposed to "cheat" just once...but I used my expertise at sex to manipulate and control him. We are both Sexual Athletes, but Djimon is very innocent. He's like that immigrant kid you show how to use the water fountain. Just so naive and easy to manipulate. And to get back at Kimora, that is what I was doing. In no time, Djimon told me that he was once again addicted to my p****, my 44 double D all natural breasts and my ability to endure "face-banging" (we'd had a relationship years before). He also loves tall women and I am taller than Kimora. Our affair began. We saw ourselves as 'buddies.' Nothing romantic; but very much like basketball buddies or something. There is a definite affection.

Are you gagging? This is why she despises Kimora:
There is much here that I don't want to say. But Kimora has a thing for "Pregnant women." It's a fettish. She likes to give head to women once they've reached their fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. I couldn't take an experience like that. And that is all I'm going to say on that. And I am in no way against Lesbians, Gays, Transgendered or any people with what society considers "Alternative lifestyles" ---because I don't consider those to be alternative lifestyles; to me they are natural and normal expressions of human sexuality. I love my lesbian sisters and in no way am I saying that other women shouldn't enjoy that....I hate to talk about the "breakdown" that occurred between me and Kimora years ago, because it was literally the most oxygen-less moment in all of the suffering of my life. I get a heavy brick in my chest whenever I remember it. I had to be operated on for Brain Cancer (and by the way--this is not a new "story" as some people have claimed; at least 100 people in the Book Industry were privy to the fact that I had brain cancer, over 50 people came to visit me at Loma Linda hospital; so this is in no way a new disclosure. People knew I had brain cancer). What can I tell you? It was a horrid experience. But nothing was more lethally painful or dangerous than going into an operation with KIMORA telling me only an hour before that she had "slept with my man" and that he (my man) would not be there for me when I woke up--because he was leaving the country with her for a vacation. Right before being whisked into BRAIN SURGERY!! There's a lot that I always leave out of this story. There's a child involved and I don't want to reveal that dimension. But someday when I do die, that story will be coming out Kimora. Just be glad that I'm nice enough to leave it out right now. In fact, be glad this entire PRESS STATEMENT is so "mild" --because deep down, I don't want to destroy Djimon's image career or destroy you in the public's eye; which would affect your children. It's one thing to lose your fake marriage...but quite another to be exposed as other less likeable things that could affect your life achievement and ability to provide for your children. Though I did you dirt by screwing Djimon all through your fake marriage; my dirt towards you is still much less severe. I could have seriously died in that surgery or been completely brain damaged. The TRAUMA of being told such cruel news right before the cutting could have left my children motherless. And again, I'm not going to mention the other child--the one I miscarried and the circumstances surrounding that. But let it be known that I have never forgiven Kimora. And I never will. She hurt my life with her selfishness and her inability to see me as more than a 'Colored Side-kick' there to prop up her Princess role. She is just...amazingly "unaware" of what she is and what she does to people. She neither cares nor remembers. And I will never forgive you for that Kimora.
Then she adds this:
Remember that day on Rodeo Drive when I slapped the living shit out of you Kimora?? Remember how you ran across the street in your pink sweat suit screaming, "Call the the police!" because your face was stinging like ACID was in it? I am so glad I did that. I think of that moment often and it gives me great comfort knowing I slapped you like an Old Southern Black Church woman would do it. You are so lucky that I don't want to destroy Djimon's career or cause unnecessary damage to your children's lives by posting all the ammunition that I could be posting. But it's not worth it. I wouldn't gain anything and it would hurt me to see Djimon and the kids hurt. And right before Father's Day, too. It's not worth it to me to hurt them that deeply. But you, I don't care about.
This statement comes after Kimora's legal team sent her papers informing her to cease and desist with the statements on Twitter or they'll sue her for "mental cruelty." Kola also claims Kimora's ex-husbandm Russell Simmons, who has called her mentally unstable and a liar, offered her "money and gifts" to stop talking about Kimora -- or he "might do a "Suge Knight" on me and that I'd better be afraid for my life. But Kola don't care. Kola don't give a f***! In the end she says she just wants to clear her name "because though some people just won't believe my side of the story no matter what I do; I want it known that I didn't go out the door allowing Djimon to dismiss me as a liar. I want it known that I stood my ground and spoke for myself, regardless of public favoritism for him and Kimora. And that he got some cat scratches out of this."

source: Kola Boof's Web site

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