Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man High on Drugs Strips Naked, Bites Man

You already knew this happened in Florida, didn't you? Almost a month after a man high on bath salts was shot and killed when he wouldn't stop eating a man's face, comes news of yet another Florida man who went on yet another "zombie" attack. According to reports, Charles Baker, 26, was under the influence of an unknown drug when he went to his girlfriend's house to visit his three young kids. When the door to the home opened, he barged in and started screaming and removing his clothes. Jeffery Blake, who owns the house and is Charles' girlfriend's father, tried to calm the mad man down, but he continued throwing furniture and took a bite out of Jeffery's arm. The injured man was able to subdue Charles until cops arrived. When deputies arrived, Charles faced them, tensed his body, clenched his fists, yelled and attempted to lung at the deputies. They Tasered his ass. "They hit him with the stun gun and I could hear the officers say 'stay down,'" Jeffery said. "He wouldn't stay down. The officers said 'hit him again, hit him again.' So they hit him multiple times with the stun gun." He was taken to the hospital for evaluation before being transported to jail on charges of aggravated battery and resisting arrest. Cops said Charles tested positive for marijuana and opiates. It is not yet known if other drugs were in his system at the time of the attack. Shadaryl Washington, Charle's sister, said she was shocked to hear the news and that her brother was working to gain custody of his kids. Yeah, good lucy with that.

Meanwhile, in Glendale, California, 20-year-old Robert William White was arrested after he struck an elderly woman with a shovel and then barricaded himself inside his apartment for almost an hour. While handcuffed -- after he was shot with a rubber bullet and Tasered -- Robert (pictured, below) began yelling “God loves all you” several times to bystanders as paramedics carried him out of his apartment building. He admitted to police that he had been drinking soda with bath salts in it. According to police, the woman, whose age could not immediately be confirmed, had asked Robert to stop swinging his shovel at birds before he used it to bust her in the head. On neighbor overhead him saying: “I hate you and I want to kill you today.” Cops say Robert was talking about being an alien and being able to speak with Jesus.

sources: WTVT | KTLA

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