Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Conrad Murray Sues to Keep Medical License

Conrad Murray, the doctor serving a four-year jail sentence for killing Michael Jackson, believes when he's released from jail he'll be able to practice medicine again. That's probably never -- never -- going to happen. Like the state of California, the state of Texas doesn't believe that's going to happen, either. So authorities revoked Conrad Murray's medical license yesterday. Immediately there after, the good doctor filed a lawsuit to prevent the revocation of his medical license claiming he had agreed to an indefinite suspension of his license pending the outcome of the California criminal case and that the conviction is not final because his appeal is pending. "The board is only going forward on the sole ground that as Murray has been preliminarily convicted of a felony in California, the board may revoke his license," the complaint says. "California law states that a conviction is not final until appeals are complete and remittitur is issued form the appellate courts (like a mandate in Texas)." Good luck with that. The chances of him winning on appeal or being able to practice medicine anywhere in the US is next to none. Just sayin'.

source: CNS
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