Friday, November 30, 2012

This Man Sexually Assaulted Another Man Then Told Him 'I Just Gave You HIV' -- Then He Stole the Victim's Wallet

A 34-year-old Houston man was arrested Thursday for intentionally infecting another man with HIV during a sexual assault last June.
Jason [Bernard] Jackson, of Houston, is charged with sexual assault of an adult and is being held without bond, court documents state. Investigators with the Houston Police Department said in an affidavit that the victim met Jackson at a local club on June 20 where the two men talked and shared drinks. Jackson asked the victim if he wanted to go home with him and he said yes, the affidavit states. On the way to Jackson’s home at the 6900 block of Pinetex, they stopped at a gas station where Jackson provided the victim with an open beverage. After drinking the beverage, the victim told Jackson that he felt sick and they drove on to Jackson’s home, the affidavit states. Once they arrived and entered the home, Jackson began to hit the victim in the face. Jackson then proceeded to sexually assault the man, the affidavit states. The victim said that Jackson was much larger than he was and he could not escape the assault. After the assault, Jackson told the victim that he was HIV positive and that he had just infected him with the virus, the affidavit states. Jackson then demanded money from the victim and took his wallet, the affidavit states. A struggle then ensued and the victim was able to escape the home. The victim then came across a woman who was sitting in her backyard and told her that he had just been sexually assaulted, the affidavit states. She then called the police. The victim was taken to a local hospital for a sexual assault exam where DNA evidence from the alleged assault was collected. Later investigators interviewed Jackson about the alleged assault and he denied ever knowing the victim. The victim was then able to positively identify Jackson from a photo array. Jackson has refused to provide a DNA sample to compare against the evidence collected from the alleged assault.

source: KHOU
While we're not saying the victim wasn't assaulted, we have a feeling there's much more -- MUCH MORE -- to this story than what he's telling police or is being reported. This is utter madness -- much like the situation in Kentucky where a man forced another man to give him a professional at gunpoint then shot him after he splashed off.
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Anonymous said...

i don't want to make light of the situation -- date rape is no joke, let alone when hiv infection is involved -- but... he wasn't strong enough to fight the man when he was being raped, but fought him for the wallet all the same. and even managed to escape, then. hm. not impossible, but... hm.

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