Thursday, February 21, 2013

Landlord Spanks Male Tenant for Falling Behind on Rent

A landlord, 53-year-old Ron Kronenberger, from Waynesville, Ohio is facing an assault charge after he spanked a male tenant four times on his butt with his belt for falling behind on rent. True story.
The Waynesville police report states the alleged victim was $2,800 overdue on his rent payment. According to the report, the 29-year-old tenant went to visit Kronenberger at his grocery store when Kronenberger shut and locked his office door and told the man's wife to wait outside. The tenant says they discussed rent payment and a job search before Kronenberger left his office and returned with a belt. The tenant says his landlord stated "If you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one" and told the man to bend over and place his hands on a chair. The report states the tenant complied and alleges Kronenberger then spanked him four times on the butt. Pictures taken show little marks allegedly the result of the incident. When police asked the tenant why he agreed, he stated he "was scared and just wanted to get it over with." According to the police report, Kronenberger admitted to whipping the man in his office due to the late rent payment.

source: WXIX
At his hearing today, the judge ordered Ron, who, by the way was named "Citizen of the Year" back in 2006, to stay away from the tenant.

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