Thursday, March 21, 2013

Atlanta Mall Cop Darien Long Gets Fired (Update: He Just Got Arrested!)

Darien Long, the Atlanta mall security guard who has become world-famous for Tasering anyone who crossed his path, will be out of his come March 30. To let him tell it: "[The mall] lost three vendors. They can no longer afford to pay me. So that's why they're letting me go." But, according to the owners of the mall, Darien was fired due to his aggressive behavior and threatening conduct. Darien warns when he's gone, the drug dealers, pr0stitutes and thieves he's been keeping out, will be back in mass, but that's not something he's worried about, he's going to Hollywood. (He's about to film his reality show.) Update: Darien is going out with a bang. He was arrested tonight for tackling a man he previously warned not to return to the mall. Darien was arrested and charged with battery.
Update, March 22: He posted the $2,000 and was released from jail this morning. During the hearing, a court officer read off a list of previous charges against Darien, which include four arrests for assault, two weapons possession charges, and driving with a suspended license. His next court date is set for April 4. Here's his mug shot.
Update, April 4: Darien appeared in court this morning. He represented himself. As the saying goes: A person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. So not surprisingly, the judge refused Darien's motion to dismissed the case.
source: AJC
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