Monday, March 4, 2013

FBI Releases Files on Whitney Houston

The FBI has released its files on Whitney Houston who died last year from accidental drowning with heart disease and cocaine use as contributing factors. The 128-page heavily redacted file released Monday show the agency conducted one investigation into an alleged extortion attempt in 1992, but agents and prosecutors determined no crime occurred. Agents also found no evidence of criminal threats to the singer in fan mail that was sent to the FBI for investigation in 1988 and 1999. In one of those letters, the stan demanded $100,000 or "certain details" of the singer's "private life" would be revealed. A later letter upped the ante to $250,000 and claims to have "intimate details" of Houston's "romantic relationships." Ahem, details of this relationship, perhaps. The FBI interviewed Whitney, two lawyers and her father, John Houston. She told agents she considered the woman "a friend" and "did discuss personal things" with her. The agency also included several letters from a stan who lived in Vermont, who have written more than 70 letters to the singer. In some of the letters the man -- who an unemployed Army vet -- complimented her on her beauty and voice and wrote that he was madly in love with her. Mad he was. Oh, he also threatened if she didn't respond to his letters, he'd profess his love to the Enquirer or on the Phil Donahue Show. But the man "believed his crazy idea would hurt Houston's career so he decided not to follow through on it." After an investigation and interviews with the man, the FBI did not pursue a case against him. And in one other case, investigators flew to Brussels to track down a Dutch stan who sent threatening audio tapes and letters to Whitney. He accused her of performing his music. In 1999, the FBI wrote that the fan "pledged there would be no further attempts on his part to communicate in any way with Houston." The stan was batshit crazy. During the interview with the FBI he told agents he was the "President of Europe" and was responsible for the fall of the South African government and the subsequent reelection of Nelson Mandela. Batshit crazy, we tell you. But he wasn't done: The man told investigators he purchased Brazil for $66 billion. Bwwahaha. There is no mention of the rumored plot by Osama bin Laden to kill her then husband Bobby Brown. So does that mean it never happened?

Read the FBI's full 128-page file, below.

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