Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are Gay, Says Report

We've all heard the rumors that Whitney Houston is gay - in fact, when Wendy asked her about her relationship with Robyn Crawford, the singer evaded the question.

In Kevin Ammons' 1998 biography “Good Girl, Bad Girl,” he suggested that Whitney and Robyn had a thing going on. He wrote that Robyn became irritated one day when Bobby, who was trying to woo Whitney, sent her four hundred roses. And at the 1991 Super Bowl, the one where Whitney sung the national anthem, Robyn slapped Whitney. Cissy Houston, Whitney's mom, put the beatdown on Robyn as a result and informed her daughter to leave Robyn. Kevin said Whitney would not allow anyone to say anything about Robyn and paid off those who worked with her to keep quiet. For instance, Regina Brown, Whitney's former publicist, was given a gold Mercedes-Benz, a diamond studded cross, a corporate credit card, a calling-card account, diamond earrings, free air travel, $125,000 a year salary and free rent on her luxury apartment.

Whitney was also rumored to be part of a love triangle with Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis. Is this news to you? Well honey, where have you been? Legend has it that Whitney and Kelly were lovers, until Kelly started jumping off with Jodie while filming "The Accused" in 1988. Whitney went to visit Kelly on set and walked in on Kelly and Jodie getting it in. Whitney went berserk, threatening to beat their asses!

Caught up? Good.

Now reports are that her ex-husband Bobby Brown is also gay. It's her MO: dating other DL or gay men (coughs Eddie Murphy) to protect her secret. Until now. A band member who toured with her for years, is spilling the T.

“Her marriage to Bobby was only a marriage of convenience for both of them," the musician told Ian Halperin. "They’re both gay and have had other people on the side ever since they first hooked up at the Soul Train Awards back in ‘89. Just like her previous boyfriend Eddie Murphy, Bobby was gay. It was a union to have children and to maintain their homosexual life on the side. Being together was an ingenious way for both of them to keep hiding in the closet. I’m not sure what they’re up to now but I know that recently Whitney was seeing a white young actress at least half her age.”

Bobby's drug addiction was his way to cope with the loss of a gay lover, says the source.

“He was in love with a leading male actor who got like himself got married to hide his sexuality,” the source said. “As a condition of the marriage the wife insisted her husband stop seeing Brown.”

Very Will and Jada. Don't ya think?

As Wendy says, a man who hits a woman is fighting their own gay demons.

How You Doin' Bobby.

If you haven't yet seen this, here is Bobby spazzing out on Jamie Campbell during the filming of 24 Hours With.... Jamie hinted that he wanted some of that chocolate, and Bobby went crazy.

Those who protest too much....

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Anonymous said...

I smell a half truth. Everyone's heard about them Whitney rumors for what 20yrs now? So there may be some truth to her alleged how you doin ways. As for Bobby, HELL TO DA NAW!! Brown be putting that thang down chile! He has like what.. 10 kids?? Say it ain't true Bobby!

Anonymous said...

hmmm they sure do have SOMETHING IN COMMON!

Anonymous said...

Her Mother is Gay too and had a fling with a few of her friends. Her mother only like to be around you pretty girls from the church. They all gay.

mariahchrist07 said...

Number One: This story is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. When people don't know things for sure they will try to come up with untrue stories to explain what they THINK is really happening and make it SEEM true. Number Two: Whitney Houston has said that she wasn't a lesbian or gay a hundred times, so we should all just leve her alone about it. I believe her. Number Three: And what IF she was gay. So what IF she was or is gay... theres nothing wrong with that. And Number Four: Why does everyone care so much???

Anonymous said...

Whitney(RIP) was in a relationship with Regina according to this new book - God's other Children London Memoir by Vernal W Scott.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Brown Classic homophobic. He has something to hide, big time. No doubt about it.
--Paul Barresi

Anonymous said...

I know a South African Airways male flight attendant who slept with Bobbie Brown in Singapore.

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