Friday, March 1, 2013

Woman Crawls Up Stairs After Her Free City-Installed Elevator Breaks Down

We feel sorry for this woman, but. Just but. Seven years ago, the city of Philadelphia installed an $18,000 elevator into Phyllis Montgomery's home at no cost to her (must be nice!!!), but the elevator stopped working recently so she's forced to climb up the 13 stairs from the first floor to the second on her hands on knees. The 63-year-old, who suffers from a several ailments, called the city and they told her, per the contract she signed when the elevator was installed, she's responsible for its maintenance after the 3-year warranty expires. How dare them! She found the city's demand outrageous, so she alerted the media. Shoot, can the city of Philadelphia install an Olympic-sized swimming pool on our roof for free? We hear it also improves ones quality of life. On a serious note, though, we do hope this report produces its intended purpose and someone offers to fix Phyllis' elevator for free or put her on a payment plan.

source: WTFX

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