Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Here's Video of an NYPD Officer Stealing $1,300 From a Man's Pocket During Stop-and-Frisk

A man from Brooklyn, NY claims a police officer pepper-sprayed him and robbed him of more than $1,300 in cash when he tried to intervene when a friend was stopped by police. And, of course, it was all caught on tape. Cellphone video captured the confrontation just after midnight on Sept. 16 when Lamar Joye was walking through a basketball court with friends in Coney Island neighborhood. One of Lamar's friends was stopped by officers. When Lamar questioned the officer's actions, the officer slammed him against the fence. Then video captured the officer reaching into Lamar's sweater pocket and taking out a large wad of cash. $1,300 to be exact. Lamar immediately shouts, "You see this? Taking my money, man, taking my money." The officer then pepper-sprays Lamar in the eyes. When his sister, Latifah Joye, asked for the officer's badge number, she got pepper-sprayed, too. Lamar says he withdrew the money for a night out with his wife to celebrate his birthday. It's important to note: Neither Lamar, his friend or his sister were arrested. More importantly: The cash was never returned or entered into evidence. Lamar's lawyer said he doesn't plan to sue the city, but simply wants his money back and for the officers to be investigated.

source: WNBC
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