Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fake Butt Doctor Blackmailed Real Doctor For Years

The trial for Padge Victoria Windslowe, aka Black Madam -- who's charged with murdering a British student by injecting silicone and Krazy glue into her backside -- got a lil interesting today when her former lover, er, client took the stand. James Taterka, a gastroenterologist, told the court he never ordered the 58 gallons of industrial-grade silicone liquid Black Madam had shipped to his medical office nor did he ever train her how to inject substances into the body or help her obtain other supplies. He did admit, however, to a 3-month affair with the illegal butt doc and told the court she blackmailed him over the affair and demanded thousands of dollars.
In questioning Taterka, defense lawyer David S. Rudenstein focused on the history of the relationship between Taterka and Windslowe and whether the doctor was embarrassed because he began the affair when Windslowe, who is transgender, was then "in transition" from man to woman. "An affair is an affair," Taterka replied. "I cheated on my wife and I didn't want her to know about it." Taterka said he met Windslowe through an adult personal ad when she was a prostitute. The affair continued for three months before Taterka said he ended it. But every few years, he continued, Windslowe would call and he saw her five more times over the years. A few meetings ended in sex, he said, but inevitably Windslowe would ask for money and increasingly with what Taterka called "veiled threats." Taterka said he bought her a used Lexus, gave her $10,000 on one occasion and another $5,000 later to help her get a sound stage for her dream of a recording career as a Gothic hip-hop artist. When he balked at paying money, Taterka said, there were calls to his wife, threats to post an embarrassing video of him on YouTube and postings on his son's Facebook page. Then there was a posting on the Buzzfeed Internet site showing Taterka's photo under the headline "Bad Doctor." "The Philadelphia medical community will be shocked when they learn the doctor trained and supplied and loved the Black Madam," the Buzzfeed post read. "It was humiliating and terrifying," said Taterka, who said he hired an Internet reputation repair company to counter Windslowe's posts with positive postings about him. Ultimately, after Windslowe was arrested in February 2012, Taterka said he received two text messages from her. One asked for $17,000 to cover legal fees and the other $75,000 to bail her out of jail. Taterka said he never responded to either message. "This has been a continuing nightmare for me," he added.

source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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