Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can You Guess What This Gentleman Did to His Apartment After Landlord Refused to Return Security Deposit?

A man named David Spears, who's lived at the Heritage Hills Apartment complex in Sherman, Texas for three years, told his landlord he was moving and asked for the return of his $500 security despot. The landlord told David he needed to give a 30-day notice in writing. While David agreed he is required to give the written notice, he told a local TV news station -- yes, he called the local news -- "I do not have to! I told them that I was leaving. I don't care if they got some stupid rules, I told them that I'll trash this f*****g place. That's saying it nice, isn't it?" And trashed it he did. David spray-painted the entire apartment -- from walls to floors from the living room to bathroom -- with phrases like "Thou shall not steal" and "respect our poor." He's caused well beyond $500 in damages and will likely face criminal charges.

source: KXII

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