Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's That Smell? Tenant Moves Out, Leaves Apartment Covered in 12 Inches of Cat Feces, Urine!

After a 56-year-old woman moved out of an apartment in Portland, Oregon, she left behind piles -- mounds -- of cat feces throughout the residence. Last Sunday, police issued two warrants for Edna Blair's arrest for animal abuse and animal abandonment. According to reports, the case began February 1 when a Portland police officer met with the landlord at the residence. The landlord called police when he saw the residence and said “it was scary in there." Once inside the apartment, the officer reported he “was completely overwhelmed by a harsh odor of rotting animal waste, urine and just plain filth,” and wore his bureau-issued gas mask because the smell was so bad. There was feces stacked 8-12 inches deep on the kitchen counter, floors, bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet, furniture and bed, the officer said. He also found a cat “so weak that it could not get up to walk out.” The landlord told police he was too scared to inspect Edna's unit because she threatened to get a lawyer. He told police that Edna, who loved in the apartment for 5 years, suffered from mental illness. An animal control officer described the conditions as deplorable, and called it the worst home he has ever entered, with fecal material in nearly every square foot of the apartment. Multnomah County animal control took the kitten to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital for immediate care. Later, authorities spotted another cat in the apartment and set a trap to retrieve it. Edna, police suspect, took other animals with her when she moved out. She left a signed note on the door on Jan. 7, saying she was moving out on Jan. 30. "Everything in the apartment unit will be trash after 1/30/2015,'' the note read. "Landlord can take the unit back on 2/1/2015." She hasn't been seen since. The apartment sustained an estimated $20,000 in damages and the landlord gutted the place and installed brand new everything.

source: KOIN

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