Friday, March 27, 2015

Cops Find Drunk Lady Passed Out in Her Car in Middle of Highway

A 25-year-old San Diego woman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after she was discovered by a local news crew passed out in her car. According to police, Amber McKinney Morgan was passed out in the car sitting in the middle of an interstate around 1 a.m. this morning with the engine running. After several attempts by police to awake her, Amber took her foot off the brake - catching the highway patrol officer off guard. The officer can he heard yelling at the woman: "Stop! Stop the car! You're going to crash! Stop the car!" The officer had to smash a window to get into the car and throw on the emergency brake. She eventually came to and was arrested. Inside he car was a large bottle of liquor and a soda bottle. She was jailed on $2,500 bond. Oh, gurl!

source: WPVI
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