Friday, March 27, 2015

The Weekend is Brought to You By This Lip-Syncing Squirrel

It's weekend and we're outta here. Take another look at the stories we brought you this week, or find out what you missed.
  1. A man has been forced by a court to pay child support for 13 years for a child that's not his and he's never laid eyes upon.
  2. Meanwhile, a woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison for collecting $100,000 in child support from a man for a fake baby.
  3. Former high-hop mogul Jimmy Henchman will die in prison. A judge sentenced him to a second. life sentence.
  4. If you predicted the family of Marvin Gaye will start fighting over the $7.3 million they won in a against Pharrell and Robin Thicke, you were right!
  5. This video -- of a woman literally putting her daughter in a chokehold so she could get her ears pierced -- was the most disturbing and shocking of the week.
  6. Equally disturbing was the news of a Detroit woman who murdered her two children more than a year ago because they were molesting their younger brother. She then put their bodies in the freezer of the apartment she was living in with two other children.
  7. And even more disturbing: A 39-year-old man raped a 10-year-old and got her pregnant. While he was raping her he was telling her: "This is how you make money."
  8. The woman who shot up a McDonald's restaurant because they didn't bacon on her cheeseburger was found guilty. D'oh!
  9. Gay former NFL player Michael Sam said there are other gay men in the NFL and they each personally came out to him.
  10. Taraji P. Henson's son is a liar and drug abuser. Video showed he was NOT a victim of racial profiling.
  11. We've never seen a woman who was caught with 31 pounds of weed in her vehicle so darn happy in a mugshot.
  12. A woman was found passed out behind the wheel of a car in the middle of a California highway. She was drunk as a skunk.
  13. A man thought he suffered a stroke and was hospitalized after he mistakenly ate the weed cookies his daughter baked in their kitchen.
  14. The famewh*re V. Stiviano took the stand this week to defend why she shouldn't return the $3.6 million in gifts Donald Sterling gave her. Then she spilled Donald's tea and named his gay lover of 20 years.
  15. A yoga teacher met a 15-year-old boy at a Bar Mitzvah and gave him a professional.
  16. A man shot his son in the butt because they ran out of orange juice.
  17. A woman tried to run over her boyfriend after getting into an argument over cinnamon buns.
  18. Destiny's child will be reuniting for one night.
  19. Woman dared her husband to call 911 and she shot him when he did.
  20. George Zimmerman released a video in which he slammed President Obama and said the killing of Trayvon Martin was God's plan.
  21. One of Bobbi Kristina bottom-feeding cousins was arrested for being a donkey.
  22. Some people who went to see Ludacris at a nightclub were appalled at what he said.
  23. There's a woman in Mississippi who doesn't know her age or where she was born.
  24. A New York woman was admitted into a hospital psych ward and forced fed powerful antipsychotic drugs, because -- she said President Obama followed her on Twitter.
  25. After a man threatened to out another man, he got the crap beaten out of him.
  26. A woman sued Planet Fitness because the gym chain allows transgender people in the locker rooms.
  27. Everyone should boycott the state of Indiana.
  28. A building exploded and collapsed in New York City.
  29. A road rage incident in Chicago had us transfixed.
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