Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kathy Griffin Leaves 'Fashion Police'

After 7 episodes (and Kelly Osbourne's firing) as host of Fashion Police, Kathy Griffin announced today she's leaving the show. In a tw@t on Twitter, the comedian wrote: "I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show & now it's time to move on." That was evident to regular watchers of the show who found her choice as Joan Rivers' replacement to be an odd one, primarily because Kathy is not a fashion girl; She has terrible fashion sense and is often featured on worst-dressed lists. In her stand-ups, she took no prisoners and spilled tea about her run-ins with celebrities. On stage she's irreverent and hilarious. Viewers hoped she would bring this part of her act to the panel, but instead her commentary on Fashion Police was always staid and often had nothing to do with the celebrities' fashion. Instead, she would talk about gossip relating to that celebrity. The show is about fashion, goddamnit.) So, to put on a button on this: We like Kathy and have seen her perform live several times, but her departure from Fashion Police (whether she quit or was fired) is no surprise. We aren't buying this bull she posted on Twitter. If she was so much of a feminist who wants to help gays, people of color and "anyone who feels underrepresented" why in the heck did she accept the job at Fashion Police. Furthermore, if our memory serve us right, she proclaimed in the first episode as host to make Joan proud, not to hold any punches and continue to "take down" celebrities the way Joan did. So are we to believe that between the time she signed the contract and today when she decided to leave the panel, she had a change of conscience and not that she's wasn't a good host and knew nothing about fashion? Gurl, goodnight, gurl!!!

Here's the tw@t:

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