Thursday, March 26, 2015

V. Stiviano Hates Shelly Sterling, Fights to Keep $3.6 Million in Gifts Donald Sterling Gave Her

We don't really have the time go go through all the mess that's happening in a Los Angeles courtroom, so we'll break it down: The jumpoff and famewh*re named V. Stiviano (born: Maria Vanessa Perez) who brought down Donald Sterling is being sued by Shelly Sterling for the return of property Donald gave her. According to the reports, during his "affair" with V. Stiviano, Donald gifted her a Ferrari, two Bentleys, a Range Rover, a duplex near Beverly Hills and a Paris shopping spree. In all she received about $3.6 million in gifts. Shelly claims Donald used community property — assets he legally shares with his wife — to pay for gifts and she never signed off on the gifts, as would be required for such expenditures. So she wants them all back. V. Stiviano, who's 32, claims Donald, who's 80, gave her the gifts when he was separated from Shelly and that no real community property was transferred to his client. Got it? Good. V. Stiviano took the stand today in the non-jury trial and told the judge she loved Donald and called him her husband, but they never had a sexual relationship. She says she and Donald vacationed together in Dubai, Paris and Las Vegas, but she never got more intimate than puckering up next to him in photos. Then she told the court she hates Shelly Sterling and told the court: "She is a bully. That's exactly what I thought she was - the evil witch of the west." It's important to note that Donald testified against the famewh*re, referring to her an an "ex-friend." He told the court the duplex was supposed to be in the name of his family trust, but Stiviano befriended a bank employee and illegally got her name inserted into escrow documents. As for the car, he said he put it in Stiviano's name to avoid liability. Then he threw some major grease at her when he told the court: "She has no money. We're talking about someone who's indigent, on relief. Her whole family is indigent, all 30 of them are on state aid." WOW! The trial concludes Friday and a decision by the judge is expected shortly thereafter. We have no idea how the judge will figure out this mess.

source: AP
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