Friday, March 27, 2015

V. Stiviano Says Donald Sterling's Gay Lover of 20 Years is a Man Named 'Mo'

Shelly Sterling is suing V. Stiviano for the return of $3.6 million worth of gifts Donald Sterling gave her. You can catch up here. V. Stiviano was back on the stand today and reasserted claims she made last year that Donald Sterling "is a homosexual and enjoyed sexual acts and/or sexual congress with males." Today, she told the judge Shelly confronted her at a Christmas party and told her not to "disappoint" her and her husband. "[Shelly] said Mr. Sterling is very private about his gay life and he wanted to keep it confidential," V. Stiviano told the court. She added that whenever she and Donald went on vacation overseas to places like Dubai, Paris, Thailand, Italy and Monte Carlo, his much younger, "very special friend for the past 20 years" Mohammad Fawaz or "Mo" always came too. V. Stiviano said "Mo" received more than a million dollars for his, ahem, companionship. Her lawyer then told the court: "My client was basically a beard." Donald's lawyer then added his client is not gay and they plan to file a defamation lawsuit against V. Stiviano for claiming that he is. "It's not just scandalous, it's scurrilous," the lawyer said. "I'm telling you right now, it's a damnable lie, and Shelly is joined at the hip with Donald on this outrage. This may not be the last Sterling lawsuit in this courthouse." He then called Mo a "terrific guy" and said that he has a "lot of girlfriends." Yeah, sure. The judge is expected to make his decision soon.

source: NY Daily News
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