Monday, April 6, 2015

68-year-old Man Sues After After Botched Penile-Implant Surgery

Luis Carrillo, 68, of the Bronx, NY, has slapped James J. Peters VA Medical Center with a $5 million lawsuit after surgeons botched a penile-implant surgery, leaving his penis bent in two places. He says he suffered nerve damage from a previous procedure to repair a hernia that left him unable to stand at full attention (if you know what we mean), so he went to the VA hospital as a last resort for surgery after nothing else -- including those blue pills -- worked. In the hand-written suit, Luis says urologist Boback Berookhim inserted an implant that “was too large.” Due to that mishap, his can't have sex and his "penis is now deformed. He says doctors told him his bent johnson would “straighten out” over time, but it didn't. He says he waited two months after his April 2013 implant surgery to have sex with his then-fiancée — and when he did, he ended up in the emergency room. “Some of them were laughing because I went there the way I did,” he told a local newspaper. “But after that is when it started to bend and deform.” Since then he hasn't had sex with his fiancée (whom he married in February). “I don’t try to have ­intercourse anymore. After that first time, we just stopped," he says. Luis says he's always in pain and it hurts when he sits or turns.

Sidebar: Luis' doctors have suggested a procedure to replace the implant, which needs to be manually pumped up, but he says it would be too painful.

source: NY Post

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