Friday, April 3, 2015

Man Finds, Returns 75-Pound Bag of Cash That Fell Off Armored Truck

Dan Kennedy of Salt Lake City, Utah was driving to work Tuesday morning when he saw a large orange bag spill onto the roadway from a truck in front of him. Not wanting the bag to become a traffic hazard, he pulled over and ran to retrieve the bag. It was an enormous bad of cash that fell off a Brink's truck. It’s unclear exactly how much money was in the bag, which was about 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide and weighed 75 pounds. The bag was full to the brim with smaller, roughly “steak-size” plastic bags, and one of the individual bags looked like it had about $22,000 inside. Dan said he tried and failed to chase down the armored truck, and then pulled into his parking lot at work, showed off his friend to co-workers and he called police. Dan said he never occurred to him to make away with the money, adding he believes most people would have done the same thing. Brink's has yet to offer Dan an award.

source: WPTV
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