Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Phaedra Parks on Ending Feud With Kenya Moore: 'We Were Led to this Moment by a Force Greater than Both of Us'

Following last Sunday's epic development in the relationship between the two warring factions known as Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore, Phaedra says she has faith the truce will hold and her conscience is clear. In an interview with to Bravo, the Real Housewives at Atlanta star says she was pleased the two characters had the opportunity to express their feelings "to each other without being interrupted by anyone else's unnecessary contributions." She adds: "It was not easy to let my guard down with someone whom seemed to relish in my hardships and played such a role in bringing conflict to my life. This conversation was a long time coming, and we were led to this moment by a force greater than both of us, so I decided to have faith, embrace the moment, and let go." That greater force is not Claudia. We guarantee it. The big question now is: Can the two characters maintain the civility without throwing mini blinds at each other or calling each other a wh*re. Frankly, we find that unlikely because this show is sustained by name-calling, back-stabbing and fighting. Those are the ONLY reasons millions of viewers tune in every week. Are they going to replace all the characters (except Linnethia) or, are producers and writers manufacturing new story lines? We suspect it's the latter. As for what Phaedra thinks about her reconciliation with Kenya, she says: "Words cannot be unsaid, stories cannot be untold, and old experiences no longer unfold. As I have said before, wounds require air to heal, and I think this conversation was the air. Ultimately, time will tell, but no matter what happens, I have a clear conscience knowing that I truly listened to what Kenya had to say. Hopefully, Kenya received my expressions as they were intended." We shall see. Bring on the reunion!

Actually, we won't have to wait until then, because on Sunday's episode the character played by Linnethia Leakes is back in Atlanta and as b!tchy as ever.

source: Bravo
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