Thursday, November 19, 2015

So This Happened

The chief of police in Surgoinsville, Tennessee bore witness to the most unusual thing he's seen in his 17 year career as a law enforcement officer on Tuesday morning. According to James Hammonds, he was patrolling the parking lot of Surgoinsville Riverfront Park around 9:30am when he noticed a man in a silver Dodge minivan.
The man, who was later identified as David James Kimbrough, reportedly walked right past Hammonds in the unmarked patrol car. Kimbrough then walked to the fishing pier and allegedly exposed himself while performing a sex act. “He didn’t know I was a police officer,” Hammonds said. “He thought I was just another person who pulled up and was going to sit there a few minutes. He knew he was doing it in front of an audience. He walked on to the fishing pier like he’d walked onto a stage and was putting on a performance.” Kimbrough, 43, Pressman’s Home Road, Rogersville, was walking back to his van when he noticed Hammonds was a police officer calling him over to the unmarked car. That’s when Hammonds discovered the performance included wardrobe and props. “He had panties rolled up to make it look like he had breasts, and I shook them out,” Hammonds said. “When I cuffed him and started to have him sit in the car, that’s when he told me he had to get something out. He said he had an enema up his rectum.” Hammonds added, “I didn’t believe him, so I pulled his pants back a little and he was wearing pantyhose and thong panties. I said, ‘There isn’t anything down there’, and he said, ‘It’s hurting. I’ve got to get it out’. So, I removed the cuffs and allowed him to retrieve it himself to keep from having to take him to the hospital and get it removed.” Hammonds admitted that he has never been involved in a case this unusual. “This one took the cake,” he said.

source: Times News
David was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. He remains jailed without bond.

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