Monday, April 6, 2009

Transgender Rapper Gang-Raped, Beaten by 18 Men!

Transgender rapper Pam Jones was beaten, gang-raped and is now hospitalized.

According to our source, Pam was attacked by 18 men in a downtown Los Angeles hotel room last night. They beat and raped her at gun-point! She was taken to County General Hospital where is in stable condition.

As you may recall, Pam was part of the infamous gay rapper beef we wrote about last January.

The LAPD is investigating.

Those muddafathers need to be caught and put in jail.
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Anonymous said...

To Pam Jones fans,

I spoke with Pam Jones today and she is home recovering from this traumatic experience. Our prayers go out to her and her friend. The gay hip-hop community sends its love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Khalil Amani, Spiritual Advisor to gay hip-hop.

Anonymous said...

Thats really sad...well i also wish her the Best....We really love PAM JONES out here in New York. Im sure she's going to bounce back. She's Talented like that another Lil Kim in the making we have on our hands!! and i say that in a positve way. love Lashanda

Anonymous said...

It is with saddness and a heavy heart to hear that one of Out/gay Hip-Hop's finest, Pam Jones was brutally attacked and raped by 18 gang members.

I spoke to Miss Jones and confirmed that, indeed, this horrible act had been perpetrated on her and her friend. Presently, Pam is at home after being released from the hospital, where she is recovering. Let us reach out to her in her time of need and show that we, as an Out/gay hip-hop community, love and support her.

In Pam Jones' time of personal trial, let us put aside our squabbles and beefs and show her that we are one family, standing in solidarity and that she has our sympathy.

Oh, Father God, I pray that Pam Jones can bounce back from this humiliating and senseless act of violence, hate and human rights violation and become the person whom You created her to be-- that Pam Jones will be strengthened and continue to speak her truth in rhyme-- that she will touch the lives of other trans people struggling and show the world that "He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world!" In the name of the Higher Power, we say, amen and amen!

Khalil Amani, Spiritual Advisor to Gay/Out Hip-hop.

Ps. Thank you Wendy Williams for shining the light on this horrific act of hate. And thank you for being a suppporter of the LGBT community.

Anonymous said...

What was she doing there to begin with? does anyone know -John from St.Louis

Anonymous said...

a few thoughts here:

1. You get beaten and raped by 18 men and the VERY NEXT MORNING your PR people are emailing photos and info to Wendy Williams and any hip hop site that will post it? How odd is that? If you were raped, would your first thoughts be to make sure Wendy Williams or any other shock jock knows about it?

2. Who took the photos and where did they come from? It took a week or so for someone at LAPD to leak Rhiana's and Pam Jones is not very well known outside of LGBT hip hop scene yet her photos are out the next morning after her beating?

3. Oh don't forget that MySpace page...maybe people will buy her single and make her feel better.

Sorry peepz, but just keeping it real here. Something smells fishy...

Anonymous said...

I know what smells Fishy? your Rotten face!!! U sound like one of them Haters naw more like smell like one of them Haters! & let me guess u live in ugly apartments in
San Bernardino & and on your album cover you had clothes from walmart......U R not marketable because your Hunch Back from Notre Dame looking behind....I have your IP address on your computer & i know how to locate you!! your best bet is to stop talking junk about Pam...u wanna be female rapper throw on a wig why don't you. I rep PAM 4 life. lets see if someone would rep the same 4 u.....

& of course we will never know what actually happen if we were not there. The L.A.P.D are always releasing Photos without the victim's thats nothing NEW. Henrick-- from tha BAY area

Anonymous said...

I dont know where to start... I am not the gay friendly type.. but, This story has more to it. It has too. I am born in Chicago raised between chicago and L.A. If thats what happend fine find them and lock they asses up but, How does 18 men get int a hotel? Without being notice? 18 is a large number of men to be riding around looking too or happing into a circumstance where they could rape someone... Something is off big time.. 5 years as a private investigator is telling me somebody is confused or lying..

Anonymous said...

Although Pam and I haven't always seen eye to eye,
NO ONE deserves this type of treatment. I can only imagine what's going through her mind right now. And my thoughts and prayers are with her.
Prince Cat-Eyez, Pretty Thugz Clique.

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