Friday, July 31, 2009

After 23 Years, Wendy Has Left Radio (for now)

The end has come. After 23 years as a radio personality, Wendy has unplugged her headphones - the ones with the tiara on top - and signed off for the final time. For now.

Since making the announcement last week that she plans to resign, she has maintained that this isn't the end; She fully intends to return to radio. Well, after she gets her TV show in order.

We believe she had just gotten fed up with management at her former radio station and they with her. Why? Their banning her husband from the building is probably a good reason. Plus, the station had a security guard posted in the studio today to further deter him from showing up.

Here's the final sign-off, replete with all of the sound effects we've grown to love and often play in our heads at inopportune times.

Sidebar: Who was choking her? Was she taking a final jab at her bosses or making light of the claims made by her former talent booker? Interesting.

The mess that was "The Wendy Williams Experience" will be missed.

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Justice said...

Where can I find the words to express how I feel about Wendy leaving radio. I really wanted to cry today. I can't believe that I did not call in. I was taking care of some business. This is such a happy and sad moment. I wish her all the success in the world. I hope that she does really well on her TV show. She is certainly the Queen of All Media. She will be forever missed on radio. I have been listening to her everyday for over 10 yrs. OMG. Wendy Williams will always be a friend in my head. I will miss her coming over the air waves. But at least she is leaving on her own terms. The Wendy Williams TV Show will have to fill the void.

jason said...

I'm sad Wendy Williams is leaving radio and now i have no one to eat lunch with. I'm happy we still have her tv show, which I'm enjoying. I hope when Wendy makes the return to radio she does it on Sirius XM satellite radio, where she can do her own thing with no music and less commercials. I love you Wendy. I loved that they played all the sounds. I'm going to miss the horn sound.

Anonymous said...

I heard it live and I got choked up again when I heard it.
She definitely needs a break. She needs to focus on her TV show and her family.

I WILL MISS HER LIKE COOKED FOOD, but will enjoy seeing her on the TV.

When she comes back to radio, I will be the first one on the radio and I pray it's not WBLS! IF the Steve Harvey Morning Show was not affiliated, it (BLS) would be banished from my memory.

Good Luck Wendy.
Your radio fans are fans period!!!!!
-Ant from 804

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