Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kandi Says NeNe is Weak, Fake, Acting for Cameras

If you missed the fight between NeNe and Kandi last week, you need to mosey on over here to check it out. It will have you gagging.

Now, in an interview with Essence, Kandi, whose engagement is probably over, is providing more of the back story that fueled the confrontation and letting us know how she really feels about the star of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- that would be NeNe.

Speaking of folks coming at you on the radio, what happened between you and NeNe last week on an Atlanta radio station?
When I was on air the host asked me about the statement NeNe made that she felt I prejudged her based on things Kim had told me about her, which is not true, because I met NeNe before I had even met Kim and only since we've wrapped taping have Kim and I been talking more often because we're working together. She also said that I was a weak woman. My response was that I believe that NeNe is the weakest and fakest one out of the bunch. She really was my favorite until I joined the show. She makes a lot of comments like, "I'm the star of this show," which is arrogant. Then she'll say things behind people's backs and do things, but when you ask her about it she tries to downplay it. NeNe and I had been cordial and getting along when we do interviews together and then I hear she's making comments that I'm weak.

It's difficult to watch sisters tearing each other down. So where do you two go from here?
I didn't come on the show to be all crazy and loud. We just don't need to talk to each other because we both are strongly opinionated and go from two to ten. I think she's used to people backing down and I'm not going to let her talk to me crazy. If she wants to have a conversation, I can disagree with you all day, but when you start threatening like she was on the radio show, talking about "don't let me come up there!" I'm really not a person who argues, but once you get me there forget about it. I don't know why she's been taking all these jabs at me. I think she is simply made for TV and creates drama for the cameras. NeNe and I are like oil and water. We simply don't mix.

Expect NeNe's fiery response soon.


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Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me. Read a few things on how NeNe is acting off camera to her fans no less. This gig went to her head.

Anonymous said...

nene called kandi ghetto her name is nene, not susan she is fake.

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