Friday, September 11, 2009

Chris Brown Calls Wendy a Man, She Asks How He Doin'

It may be news to some of you that woman beater Chris Brown has a Twitter account. It was news to us, but, then again, we don't care.

From reading his tweets, we gather he's in NYC for Fashion Week. Upon his arrival at a NYC-area airport yesterday, the paparazzi descended upon him. He took offense, then immediately tweeted the following messages from his laptop or cell phone.

Honestly, we didn't think this warranted a response from Wendy -- especially since she has often acknowledged the fact that she does look like a man, from certain angles -- but she did anyway.

If you've listened to Wendy over the years then you know her stance on men who abuse women: They're hiding a secret. And you know which "secret" we mean, chile. Ehaow!

Wait, doesn't Rihanna have the same secret?

Update: Apparently he does. A man claiming to be Convicted Felon Chris Brown's gay lover, posted this probably fake and false confessional on YouTube. In the video, he maintains that neither him or CFCB are gay, they just enjoy gay sex -- with each other! The phantom person also claims to be the reason for CFCB's beatdown of Miss Fenty. Entertain him.

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Anonymous said...

Wendy needs to grow up. She is old enough to be Chris's mother. Wendy can dish insults out, but she can not take them welcome to the club.

Lonnishia said...

Totally agree everyone calls wendy a man...she talks about ppl on a daily!!! Chris is having fun, hes getting help for what he did lets move one....all these famous ppl have done things in their past but no one holds it against them!!! Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, Michael Jackson, etc. so lets move on let the boy grown up and have a life!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy takes insults from people she respects, and clearly she does not respect this lil' bitch.

Anonymous said...

Lmfao i think its really funny she is a man xD

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