Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Woman Held Pregnant Woman Hostage Then Tried to Cut the Baby From Her Body

Question? What the eff is up with all these crazy people walking among us? Last month some crazy chick tried to abort her husband's jumpoff's baby, now this craziness coming out of the Washington, DC area.

According to police, 40-year-old Veronica Deramous (who was pretending to be pregnant) befriended 29-year-old Teka Adams (who was homeless and in her third trimester) at a shelter and had her come to her apartment with the promise of receiving baby clothes. Once there, police say, Veronica held Teka hostage for five days, attacked and bound her then tried to cut the unborn baby from her abdomen!

The AP reports: "When police found Teka her "abdomen was cut and her intestines, stomach and placenta were exposed," according a police report. In the apartment, officers found bloody towels and a bowl with water and washcloths on a bedroom floor. They also found a box cutter and some razor blades, which they believe Veronica used to cut Teka. According to the police report, Deramous had her 17-year-old son hold Teka's hands behind her back as she bound her with duct tape and then held her in a bedroom for several days. Her son has not been charged. On Saturday, Veronica told Teka: "You're strong, you can handle what I'm going to do to you," the report said. She then turned up the volume of the TV in the bedroom, gagged Teka and began to cut her abdomen open. Teka moaned in pain and Veronica stopped, police said. While Veronica slept early Sunday, Teka freed herself and fled the apartment. She went upstairs and knocked on doors before a neighbor called police. Veronica's son told police after his mother saw Teka outside, the two women began fighting and neighbors came out, the report said."

Veronica, pictured, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, false imprisonment and other related charges. Teka is expected to recover. Her daughter — named Miracle Sky — was delivered by emergency Cesarean section.


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