Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did Madonna Catch Jesus Luz Slaying Another Woman?

Yesterday we reported that Jesus Luz dumped Madonna's old ass because, she's old. Now there are reports that it was Madonna who dumped Jesus' young ass because, well -- he's young and wants to have fun.

Ian Halperin says Madonna "hired a private detective to track down Jesus bonking an 18-year-old Brazilian fashion model living on Manhattan’s lower east side." We have dreams that she swooped down on him with Joey Greco -- and his scripted TV show Cheaters' cameras in tow -- and confronted Jesus and his jumpoff, but alas, she took care of business another way.

“Jesus would often be out all day and have his cell phone turned off. It didn’t take long for Madonna to put two and two together. Dumbass cheating Jesus got caught and tried to talk his way out of it. Madonna already packed up all his stuff and had his suitcases waiting in the lobby," a source added.

Drama! We. Can't. Take. It.

Now, that she's left the young "boy toy," there are rumors that 51-year-old Madonna's dating a man in his 70's!

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