Friday, February 26, 2010

Report: Johnny Depp Smells Like (a Four-Letter Word That Begins With 'S')

Actor Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis personal hygiene (or lack there of) is coming under fire.

An unnamed source tells Fox 411: "Johnny usually smells because he rarely showers. He isn't big on personal cleanliness and Vanessa isn't much different. They found their perfect match in each other - it's hard to be around them. Their personal hygiene is not their priority....When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he's usually in rough shape. If he's showing up for work on set, he'll be a total professional, but that doesn't mean he'll be shiny and clean. He entrusts his movie looks to his hair, make-up and costume team. He's quite a character in person."

And, as for Vanessa, the source was equally unkind, saying “Vanessa is the furthest thing from a supermodel every second that she isn't on a big photo shoot. No makeup and unruly hair - she's a bit of a mess normally."

Wow! Wow! Wow!

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