Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fantasia Barrino Admits to Aborting Antwaun Cook's Baby, Knowingly Dating a Married Man

Homewrecker Fantasia Barrino admitted she got pregnant by her married lover and had an abortion a few days before her "suicide attempt" three months ago, according to the folks over at RadarOnline.

She made the revelation while appearing at Mecklenburg County Court, NC at Antwaun Cook's divorce proceedings from his wife Paula Cook on Monday.
Facing questions before a Mecklenburg County Court judge, the famous singer, 26, was pressed on whether she knew Cook was living with Paula when they embarked on their illicit affair. The Idol season three winner has acknowledged she dated Cook “off and on for about 11 months” but said she believed he had separated from his wife. In court, lawyers for the scorned wife pressed Fantasia about a hotel rendezvous that took place just a few days after meeting one another. “Paula’s lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married,” one onlooker – who was inside the court – told RadarOnline. There were no reporters in the courtroom and witnesses were asked to leave as Fantasia took the stand. But multiple sources, including a Cook family source, confirmed Fantasia's explosive testimony to RadarOnline.
Fantasia, who is still dating Antwaun, attempted to off herself in August by taking an overdose of aspirin after reading a court complaint filed by Paula naming her as a homewrecker. The two women attempted to come to an arrangement during a 12-hour mediation session on November 1, but talks broke down when Fantasia offered Paula a measly $100,000! So, this paves the way for Paula to commence a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Fantasia under the Alienation of Affection law which exists in North Carolina. And yes, the sex tape she has of Fantasia with Antwaun will most certainly be admitted into evidence.

Update: Fantasia is a liar! CNN is reporting that Fantasia testified that she knew from the first day of her relationship with Antwaun that he was married and still living with his wife. Before this, Fantasia has repeatedly said she didn't know Antwaun was married.

Update 2: Here's audio of the homewrecker on the witness stand pretending not know the exact date when she had an abortion. Really who DOESN'T know when exactly they had an abortion?

And the transcript:

Lawyer: "See if you recognize this as being a letter you wrote to Mr. Cook on May 10th 2010" (inaudible)

[Fantasia reads the letter to the court.] "I want you. I pray every night that I can be in your life forever, be your friend, lover, prayer partner, wife and MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. As long as I can have you I will be the happiest girl in the world." (inaudible)

Lawyer: "Ms Barrino, when you wrote this letter, you said you wanted to be the mother of his children, is this right?"
Fantasia: "Uh huh."

Lawyer: "Were you pregnant with his child when you wrote this letter?"
Fantasia: "No, no."

Lawyer: "Is it true at one point you told him you had an abortion?"
Fantasia's Lawyer: Objection!


Lawyer: "Ms Barrino, isn't it true that you told Mr. Cook that you had aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "When I wrote this letter I was speaking in future references. Like, one day, I would love to be all of these things that I wrote. I was not pregnant with his child."

Lawyer: "But did you tell Mr. Cook you aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "I did, yeah."

Lawyer: "When did you tell Mr. Cook you had aborted his child?
Fantasia: "I'm not sure."

Lawyer: "When did you abort his child?"
Fantasia: "It hasn't been too long ago."

Lawyer: "What's not too long ago?
Fantasia: "I'm not sure."

Lawyer: "I'm sorry?"
Fantasia: "I'm not sure. Probably when all this other stuff was happening."

Lawyer: "Is it your testimony that this summer?"
Fantasia: "I'm not really sure."

Lawyer: "How close in proximity was it to Mr. Cook leaving? In June 2010."
Fantasia: "It was right after he left his home."

Lawyer: "Mrs. Cook contends that she separated from Mr. Cook on June 16th 2010. How close in proximity to her date of separation did you contend that you aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "I'm not sure. Probably August when the other stuff happened."

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