Monday, November 8, 2010

Man Undergoes Sex-Change Surgery Then Decides to Reverse the Entire Procedure

British millionaire Charles Kane, who at one time felt he was a woman trapped in a man's body, underwent sex-reassignment surgery to become a woman. Seven years later, he changed his mind and went back under the knife to reverse the surgery. Now at 50, he's engaged to Victoria, a 28-year-old woman (try to figure which is which in the photo, above), who calls Charles a man's-man. Not only does he believe sex-reassignment surgeries ought to be outlawed, Charles calls everyone who is transgender delusional.

Born Sam Hashimi, the businessman and divorced father-of-two had a sex-change operation in 1987 to turn him into glamorous interior designer Samantha Kane. He spent £100,000 on cosmetic operations and tooth veneers to create the ‘ultimate male fantasy’ and was so convincing as a woman he had no trouble attracting men, and was briefly engaged to a wealthy landowner. Then, in 2004, after seven years of living as a woman, he decided he’d made a horrible mistake; the result -he believes now -of a breakdown following the acrimonious end of his 12-year marriage and estrangement from his children. Initially thrilled by his transformation, life as a woman quickly paled despite a jetset lifestyle in Monaco. He hated the way female hormones made him moody and emotional. Shopping bored him and sex was a disappointment.No matter how feminine he looked, he felt he was merely playing a role. So, five years ago, Charles spent a further £25,000 on three operations at the gender clinic at London’s Charing Cross Hospital to turn him back into a male. His breast implants were removed and male genitalia re-constructed from skin grafts. The trouble was, he wasn’t the man he had been before.

"Based on my own experiences, I believe sex-change operations should not be allowed, and certainly not on the NHS. People who think they are a woman trapped in a male body are, in my opinion, completely deluded. I certainly was. I needed counselling, not a sex-change operation. In many ways I see myself a victim of the medical profession. Even with the glamour of Samantha Kane and the £100,000 I spent on myself, I had people shouting abuse at me and builders throwing stones at me from rooftops. I became a woman. It didn’t work for me. I changed my mind. It’s only a fool that doesn’t change their mind when they know they are wrong. It took tremendous courage to say: “No, sorry, I will change back. I feel very lucky to have found Victoria, but always in the back of the mind there is the thought: 'Why should she want me when she could have a real man?”'"


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