Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weight of This Lady's Breasts is Killing Her

A British woman says the weight of her 38K breasts are killing her, but doctors have refused to perform a reduction because she's too fat. Lucy Anderson, 31, (pictured with her one-year-old daughter) said her breasts weigh 14 pounds and are so heavy that she passes out at night. The weight has also caused a curvature in her spine and she's developed arthritis in her ribs. We all know what can happen if she doesn't get this problem taken care of.
However, despite losing weight as advised by the hospital, she still does not qualify for the operation and believes she is being treated unfairly. She said: “I have no muscle left in my upper chest. I can’t breathe at night because of the weight and I often pass out because of a lack of oxygen. If I wanted a sex change to become a man, I could have them cut off for free on the NHS. If I was 18 and I wanted bigger breasts for my self-esteem, they would probably do that too. I’ve seen it on documentaries. I am fighting to get them smaller because of medical problems, and I am told no because it’s cosmetic. It doesn’t seem fair.” Mrs Anderson from Chapel Close, West Thurrock, originally applied for the operation six years ago. She has managed to get down from 22 stone to 17, taking her BMI down from 54 to 31, but when she went back to the hospital in March, they said her BMI must be 30. She added: “I am not big because I eat a lot, I am big because I am six foot two inches tall and I have an under-active thyroid. Hardly anyone who is my height could get to a BMI of 30 with a thyroid problem, as it actually makes you put on weight.
Tom Abell, who works for the country's healthcare system, said they will not operate on Lisa until she slims down because “surgery of this type should be a last resort as it carries a number of risks.” Risks? Ask this crazy lady about risks.
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