Friday, June 17, 2011

Week in Review: Who Shot Ya?

Hello, boys and girls. Make it a great weekend! We'll be back Monday afternoon.

While we're away, if you have a tip about a story or something we should look into, post or get a chuckle from, please direct it here.

Here are some of the week's lowlights (and some highlights, too).
  1. A man who's currently in prison for murder said record exec Jimmy Henchman paid him $2500 to shoot Tupac Shakur in 1994.
  2. Shaquille O'Neal has a sex tape and he hired the Crips gang to kidnap the man who's threatening to release it. Allegedly.
  3. Mildred Baena -- that's Arnold Schwarzenegger's maid and baby mama -- gave her first interview since news broke that she's a homewrecker.
  4. Bishop Eddie Long's wife hasn't dumped him and moved out of their home -- yet.
  5. New York congressman Anthony Weiner resigned.
  6. Allen Iverson's wife filed for divorce for the second time in 15 months.
  7. A woman robbed a bank not with a gun or knife -- but with AIDS!
  8. Chinese scientists have genetically altered cows to produce human breast milk.
  9. Meanwhile in Japan, scientists have created meat from human feces.
  10. Young Buck got in trouble with the law -- again!
  11. A man forced another man to give him a professional at gunpoint, then when he was finished, he shot the man.
  12. A sex-offender suffered a heart attack and died while he was sexually assaulting an elderly woman.
  13. A woman's baby daddy was threatening to kill her (again) when her 9-year-old daughter stabbed him (again).
  14. A patient sued his doctor for being late.
  15. Drag queens were caught on tape stealing wigs and clothing from a store.
  16. We watched a crane crashed into someone's home.
  17. A woman has decided to donate her womb to her daughter so that she can have a baby.
  18. Senators are about to pass a law that would send anyone who uploads videos of themselves lip-synching to copyrighted music to prison for five years.
  19. The city of Portland, Oregon will spend tens of thousands of dollars to drain a reservoir because a man peed in it. (They find dead animals in the water supply everyday and it's not drained.)
  20. A man lost his finger when he tried to remove a wart -- by shooting it off.
  21. Jaleel White spilled the tea on some of the behind-the-scenes drama on "Family Matters".
  22. A man was kicked off an plane and arrested when he refused to pull up his saggy pants.
  23. The KKK sent a very direct message to an interracial couple.
  24. A man went to a nail salon and is charged $1 more than women for a manicure -- that's a lawsuit! A $200,000 discrimination lawsuit!
  25. A "well-educated" woman with a potty mouth got kicked off a train.
  26. A man locked his 21-year-old son in a box for eight weeks.
  27. A man went to meet his ex-girlfriend for a late night booty call, but she had other plans.
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