Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just When You Thought the Bishop Eddie Long Story Couldn't Get Worse, A Fifth Accuser Surfaces

Bishop Eddie Long has been keeping something from his parishioners. No, not the fact that he's gay, he's a homo and he likes guys. Something else. Last year, four men sued the popular Atlanta megachurch pastor claiming he lavished them with money, trips and gifts, while having sexual contact with them when they were young boys. Despite professing his innocence, the case soon went to mediation and a settlement was announce last May -- but, sometime during the mediation talks, a fifth accuser came forward looking for a handout, too. He didn't sue the bishop and his identity was kept secret -- until now. He's identified as Centino Kemp, a 22-year-old tranny and aspiring singer who has a tattoo of Eddie Long's name (followed by the words “Never a Mistake, Always a Lesson”) on his wrist!!! According to MyFoxAtlanta, which spent two months tracking him down, Centino (who's from The Bahamas and sometimes calls himself "Centinio") met Bishop Long years ago during a visit to New Birth Baptist Church while he was a student at a Florida college. One thing led to another and, well, you know, Bishop Long was soon long strokin' him. Are we shocked about this? Not one bit. In fact, we're all but certain there are more young men who were victims of Bishop Long. But, hey, we're glad to see that Centino (who we absolutely believe is using this a PR ploy to get a music career going) seems to be putting some of that settlement money to good use, unlike Jamal Parris.

FYU: Centino. Girl, unless you're going to a funeral or a prom (or the president), no one travels in a stretch limousine anymore. You're welcome.

Update, July 28: In part 2 of the investigation, Fox5 trolled Centino's Facebook page and found that he was posting cryptic messages, but no one knew what he was writing about -- until now. The final settlement talks took place during the week of April 17 and on April 20, Centino wrote, “Today may change my life forever,” and “Mother I’m sorry.” His Facebook page for that day shows he said he was at the Colony Square Starbucks, located in the same building as the young men's attorney, BJ Bernstein. Then, an hour later, he posted that he was at the DeKalb County Courthouse, where the settlement talks took place. When the money was delivered to Centino and the other accusers in late May, he posted on Facebook page, "I may be bad but I got paid perfectly good for it."

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