Monday, August 15, 2011

Woman Files For Divorce Because Her Husband is a Better Cook

An Egyptian woman has filed for divorce because her husband's cooking skills proved to be better than her own. Her husband, by the way, is a chef.
The family row came amid the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, when observers fast from dawn to dusk and then break the fast with festive meals after night prayers. Mohammed Said, a chief cook at a Cairo hotel, surprised his family with his excellent cooking skills when he took over kitchen duties from his wife Nahal at the beginning of Ramadan. Nahal decided to divorce her husband after her two sons demanded that their father, not she, cook meals for family suppers from now on. An Egyptian court has delayed the consideration of the divorce request until the end of Ramadan, expressing hope that by that time the reason for the divorce may disappear and peace in the family would be restored.
source: Ria Novosti
This woman needs to get her panties out of a bunch. Sheesh.

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