Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Man Vandalizes Gay Neighbor's Yard

While we've seen our fair share of uncivilized behavior between neighbors, this story is just nuts. Blaze Waters, a gay man from Philadelphia, says his neighbor is making his life a living hell because of his sexual orientation -- or something. After suspecting his neighbor, Jose Ramon -- who's an assistant school counselor at three Philadelphia schools -- was vandalizing his property, Blaze installed several surveillance cameras that caught Jose in the act. But when the local news asks him about the tape or his slew of shady businesses, Jose develops a bout amnesia.

source: WTXF
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Anonymous said...

Mr, err Ms. Ramon, gurl, I see you got a touch of the 'how you doin!'
Chal, you ain't fooling anyone. You're doing this to your neighbor to get the attention. You probably want to get some of that.

I don't think gay is the issue BUT Ms. Ramon probably wants a reaction from the neighbor, because he really wants the neighbor!

Yes hunnee Ms. Ramon, it's written all over your face. How you doin Jose?

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