Thursday, January 19, 2012

WATCH: Donkey Shoots Himself Chasing Burglar, Postman Pitch Package

Waylon Fosters is an idiot who shouldn't be a gun owner. He tells the local NBC-affiliate someone tried to break into his home in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday. He chased after the would-be burglar and while running down the man, he shot himself in the foot. "I would've loved to have shot him for trying to break into my house," he said. "I regret opening the door. I wish I let him come in. I would've had reasonable cause. If he would've entered and I killed him, I wouldn't have felt bad.” We hope he gets his gun license revoked.

Jack Abercia, a former police constable in Houston, just doesn't give an eff anymore. The 78-year-old, who has cancer and was forced to resign after the FBI indicted him with charges from conspiracy to bribery, cursed out a news reporter and tried to hit a photographer with his walker while exiting a courthouse.

This is insane. A 14-year-old boy was arrested for robbing and raping a 42-year-old woman in a Phoenix, Arizona parking lot shortly after midnight Thursday. Cops found him at his parents' home a short time later.

The Internet is up in arms with Microsoft after news broke the technology company is developing an app -- rumored to be called “Avoid The Ghetto” -- designed to help drivers and pedestrians avoid unsafe neighborhoods. Dats racist!

Meanwhile, in Houston, four white supremacists were indicted on hate crime charges after they attacked a black man.

You're 1920s cuckoo clock is here. Randy Paige of Los Angeles was expecting a rare, fragile and pricey clock yesterday, but before he could run out to the door to meet the post man, the deliveryman chucked the clock over the fence into Randy's yard. (With the last few weeks, deliverymen from UPS and FedEx have been caught on tape doing the same thing.)

Amy Hobbs, 40, who's had kidney disease since a child, is in desperate need of a new kidney, so she posted an ad on Craigslist. Of course. (Sidebar: Here's Amy's ad. We did a quick search of Craigslist and found dozens of other ads from people seeking kidneys. Here's a sampling: Shirley, 42; Patrick, 41; Adrian, 22; and Ciara, who's trying to save her uncle's life. We found this person offering to donate a kidney. And then there is this idiot offering to sell a kidney for $35,000.)

A woman from Acworth, Georgia is charged with cruelty for allowing her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo. Chantera Napier says she didn't know it was illegal. Yep, she's a donkey.

First responders had to cut through the side of a house on Long Island to rescue an overweight man who slipped and became stuck in the bathroom of his cluttered, second-story apartment in Center Moriches, NY. (NOTE: Video has no sound.)

Her name is Sara Lopez. She's dancing the Kizomba, a sensuous Afro-Caribbean dance that originated in Angola. (And for the ladies and gays, his name is Albir Rojas.) You're welcome.

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