Monday, June 17, 2013

Man Says He Poisoned Passengers, Screams "Please God, Somebody Help Me...I'm Dead!'

A man aboard a United Airlines flight bound from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ claimed his fellow passengers on the plane had been poisoned and screaming about going to die. According to passenger, the unidentified crazy person in his 30s got up mid-flight and began talking about the CIA targeting him because he had "information related to Edward Snowden," the man who revealed the NSA's secret surveillance program. He continued was screaming about being afraid of being taken or killed by the FBI or CIA. The man was asking for the plane to be diverted. In an audio clip recorded by a passenger, below, you can hear him screaming over and over again: "Please God, somebody help me, please somebody help me, somebody help me...I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead!"

Several passengers tackled the man and helped flight attendants handcuff him. They helped keep him settled in place until the plane landed at Newark International Airport five hours later. More than a dozen Port Authority police vehicles were parked on the tarmac. Police went into the plane and removed the man in handcuffs. The man, wearing khakis, a blue shirt and a hooded jacket, was loaded on an ambulance and taken away where we presume he'll get the medical attention he needs. An FBI spokesman said there is no indication that any passengers had actually been poisoned.

source: WNYW
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