Friday, July 19, 2013

Siohvaughn Funches Explains Why She's On a Sidewalk Ranting About Dwyane Wade

No, she didn't admit she's batsh*t crazy. Earlier today, Siohvaughn Funches took to the streets of downtown Chicago with a homemade sign in an attempt to shame her ex-husband, NBA baller Dwyane Wade into ... we're not sure, but she wants something -- if not attention. Anywho, while she was on the streets, the folks from 89 WLS Sports Pregame Show spoke with Siohvaughn by telephone. (Press play to listen to the interview, above.) She told them she's broke and that Dwyane has failed to comply with the court order that all of his endorsement companies are supposed to deposit funds directly into an account for her. "I took care of myself and our two children, purely living off of savings. The savings dwindled down," she says. "I was advised by my lawyer to find a bankruptcy attorney. I went into the courtroom and I asked the judge, 'Please, let's just settle this matter because if I'm destitute I can't be a mother...I need you to understand this: for several years in a row I got nothing. Nothing at all....I'm out on the streets right now because we can't reach any sort of an agreement." In the beginning of the interview she claims Dwyane owes her "a large sum of money," but at the end she says she doesn't want any of his money, she just want her freedom. Bwahahahahahaha!

UPDATE, July 22: Siohvaughn is full of it! Three days after this failed "stunt," her divorce from Dwayne was finalized and he “provided a very generous settlement” to that crazy bitch. But get this! While on the street ranting like the mad woman she is, Siohvaughn claimed Dwyane owes her money, but according to the basketball star's attorney, since they filed for divorce in 2007, he has been paying Siohvaughn $25,000 a month, plus paid her mortgage, paid the note on her four cars, insurance, taxes and the fees incurred by the 16 attorneys she retained during the divorce and custody fights.

sources: WLS | WFOR

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Anonymous said...

This woman should be hospitalized, certifiably nuts.

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