Monday, August 5, 2013

Serial Woman Beater Terrence Howard Accused of Beating Ex-Wife, Again

We want to call Michelle Ghent a donkey, but that would be disrespectful to donkeys. Two months after her divorce from actor Terrence Howard was finalized she went on vacation with him. According to the folks over at TMZ, Michelle and Terrence (along with several members of his family) were vacationing in Costa Rica last week when an argument erupted. She claims Terrence exacted a vicious beatdown and threatened to kill her, again. Police were called, but no arrests were made. Terrence told investigators Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member, which caused him then to react. TMZ's sources say Terrence concocted the mace story to excuse his behavior, while other "sources" say Michelle is lying about the beatdown. Where are the hospital report and photos showing Michelle's injuries? We don't know. Anywho, she's planning to file a restraining order. Wait, didn't she do that in 2011? I just can't! Terrence has a history of punching his wives in their face. Michelle says he started beating her seven days after their wedding. And he was arrested in 2001 for beating his first (?) wife. Ladies, if you date or marry Terrence How You Doin Howard, don't get mad when he beats you.

Update, Aug. 6: While Michelle heads to court today to seek a restraining order against Terrence, he is telling TMZ Michelle is crazy as a cocoa puff and is out to frame him. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, the couple had "a normal married fight" (even though they divorced in May), but he says things escalated when she threatened to kill him and his family then pulled out pepper spray and attacked him, his kids and his son-in-law. The story is ever-changing, so stay focused. Terrence also plans to appear in court today and plans to give the judge text messages from last May, in which an angry Michelle writes, "I would start hiding if I were u." In another text she writes, "Be careful when u leave your place. U should move." And in yet another she writes, "I know where u and ur family live. Watch yourself." And in another, Michelle writes: "You need to be put down once and for all. I will not stop until all knows who u are." Michelle, everyone knows Terrence is a member of the Rainbow Coalition and a woman beater. Is there anything else? Anywho, if Michelle is threatening you, why would you take her on vacation with you two months later? Maybe he felt she needed to get away because she's mentally ill? Terrence told police in Costa Rica tried to commit suicide in May and was hospitalized and diagnosed with paranoia. And she seems to confirm that in one of the texts, in which she says, "I'm just insane. I went to a crazy institute." Again, we ask: If she's batshit crazy and out to "out" you, why did you invite her on vacation with you and your family?

Update # 2: Michelle is in court and it's being reported she has a "huge" black eye.

Update # 3: A judge granted Michelle a restraining order, which requires Terrence to stay way from her. We got some more insight into what caused the beatdown in the documents she filed in court. According to the documents, the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in rekindling their relationship. She says Terrence hit her, glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept two curved knives -- 4-6 inches in length. Michelle says she panicked and then pepper sprayed him. At that point she claims Terrence knocked her down and then kicked her repeatedly in the head. She also showed the court photos of her black eye (pictured, below). Additionally, she suffered contusions and swelling. Apparently this wasn't the first time they traveled together since separating back in 2011. Michelle says while he was beating her last week, he referred to a prior death threat he had given her on a trip to Bora Bora. Terrence filed a response to Michelle's complaint. In it he he claims she made up the story to damage him, timing it for his movie premiere of "The Butler." Terrence claims she threatened to kill him and he believes she's serious. He also says she's been admitted to a psych hospital in the past. The judge didn't buy it and granted Michelle the restraining order. These two crazy kids.

Update, Sept 3: According to documents filed by Michelle, Terrence threw her to the ground and threatened to slash his own wrists during their brawl in April. TMZ reports: In the court docs, Michelle Ghent claims the brawl went down in a Toronto hotel room in April ... when she found phone numbers for 6 women in his bag ... and promptly called the women while Howard was in the room. In her filing ... Michelle says the 44-year-old Oscar nominee threw her computer out a window, lifted her off the ground and slammed her down ... and reached for an X-Acto blade and put it to his wrist. Ghent claims Howard also pretended to hang himself with a belt -- and told her, "I'm just thinking if I should kill you first before killing me." Two days after the hotel fight ... Ghent claims Howard continued talking about suicide in text messages. Her filing includes dozens of texts she claims he sent -- in one, Terrence allegedly said he wishes he "wasn't such a coward and that I had the courage to finish what should have been accomplished in the abortion clinic 44 years ago." In another text Howard allegedly said he was going to get outpatient treatment for "his addictions and emotional instability" -- and offered to deposit more than $25,000 in her account to cover the damage to her computer. As we previously reported ... Ghent got a temporary restraining order against Howard last month after he allegedly punched her and kicked her during a July vacation in Costa Rica. For his part, Howard claimed she had pepper sprayed him. Terrence and Michelle's divorce was finalized just 2 weeks after the alleged Toronto brawl.

sources: TMZ | TMZ
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