Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bobby Brown's Attorney Threatens Legal Action Against 'False Reports' About Bobbi Kristina's Condition; Tina, Shayne Brown Speak Out After Brawl

A day after a public vigil for Bobbi Kristina, there are false, according to Bobby Brown, reports that the family plans to pull at midnight.
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s anguished relatives have agreed to take her off life support — but want to wait until Wednesday so she can die on the same date as her tragic mom, Whitney Houston, sources told The Post. Bobbi’s grandmother Cissy Houston floated the idea of a Feb. 11 death over the weekend during discussions with the Brown family at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The Browns gave their blessing to pull the plug at the stroke of midnight to align the date with the 2012 passing of the legendary singer at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The move is a symbolic way to keep the mother and daughter together for eternity, according to a Brown family source. Bobbi Kristina, 21, the only child of Houston and singer Bobby Brown, has been in a medically induced coma since she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia, home Jan. 31. The Brown and Houston families have been bickering since Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital, but they have now come to grips with the fact that she cannot be saved, the source said. “This is the only thing they can agree on — that she’s gone [brain-dead], and there’s nothing more than can be done for her,” the source said. The agonizing choice to finally pull the plug on the young woman was made by both sides, the source said. Filmmaker Tyler Perry, who was close to Whitney, played a key role in brokering an uneasy peace between the families, the source added. He has already been tabbed to make all the funeral arrangements, the source said. “You wouldn’t think of him as being someone who’d be a peacemaker, but he’s someone both sides really respect,” the Brown source said. Perry also has been joined in Bobbi Kristina’s room at Emory University Hospital by record producer Jermaine Dupri and rapper Bow Wow, who are friends with both families and who have helped him calm things down, the source said. “They’re respected, and both sides know they don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of them,” the source said of the men.

source: Page Six
We'll see what happens in a few hours. In the meantime, however, a family source told Us Weekly there is "no truth to it at all." After she dies, the next question then is who will inherit Whitney's estimated $20 million estate? Well, according to the terms of the will, if Bobbi Kristina dies, Cissy Houston and Whitney's two surviving brothers -- Michael and Gary -- are next in line to inherit the estate -- which includes full royalties from the late singer's music, likeness and image. The will states that Cissy, Michael and Gary will inherit the estate if Bobbi Kristina dies before coming into her majority of the estate. Bobbi Kristina inherited 10 percent (about $2 million) when she turned 21 and was scheduled to inherit another 15 percent at age 25, before receiving the remainder at 30. Bobby Brown, gets nothing. Ditto for Nick Gordon, who may or may not have been responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death.

Bobby Brown's attorney, Christopher Brown, issued this statement: “We support the candlelight vigil for Bobbi Kristina. The Brown family is amazed by the love and support from all that attended. However the false reports that continue to appear in print and on the internet are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time. In particular, the false reporting of TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Daily Mail (UK) citing, police sources, family sources and Bobby Brown himself, will receive my attention. The desire to be 'first' has clouded the judgment of many reporters as they forgo accuracy. This is a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence.” Ha! Suing the media? Good luck with that. Bobby Brown added to the attorney statement by saying: “We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supported the vigil for Bobbi Kristina. God is hearing our prayers.”

And here's something that had us gagging. Remember a couple days ago when cops were called to an Atlanta hotel when Bobby Brown's sister and her son (Shayne) got into a fight after she knocked him upside the head with a glass bottle and spit in his face after he called her a crackhead? Well, lookie here. The mother and son sat down for an exclusive interview with Inside Edition. Shayne, seen with a nasty stitched-up cut on his forehead, said he loves his mother and the media is blowing their situation out of proportion. Tina, who fled the scene after the attack, admits she "went home for a couple days to let things die down." They believe Bobbi Kristina will make a full recovery.

In an interview with WAGA, Bobby's sister, Leolah Brown, says Bobbi Kristina is "fine," "moving her eyes" and doctors told the family "she is improving." She says she warned Bobbi Kristina about who she chose to surround herself with. [FLASHBACK: Leolah made this same warning three years ago when Whitney died. She told Access Hollywood at that time: "I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina, yes. Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it's very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that....Right now is the time to just really shut the door....There are persons that possibly would want to take advantage of Bobbi Kristina's fragile state of mind." Lola insinuated Whitnney was murdered. "My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all. But, it's very important to know that she did not just pass away like that. No. And if it's the last thing that I do, I'm going to find out what truly happened to my sister."]
Here's the new interview with WAGA.

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