Friday, February 6, 2015

Nick Gordon Under Investigation For Bobbi Kristina's Drowning

Oh, it's about to get real real. According to the folks over at TMZ, police in Georgia have opened a criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina's bathtub drowning and her gun-wielding boyfriend and alleged drug dealer, Nick Gordon, is the main suspect.
Law enforcement sources tell us ... Bobbi Kristina had certain injuries that have piqued their interest. We do not know the nature of the injuries. Multiple sources tell TMZ there is a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and boyfriend Nick Gordon. We're told police are looking into a possible altercation more than an hour before Bobbi Kristina was found submerged in a bathtub. We're told Max Lomas -- the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub -- arrived at around 9 AM last Saturday. He says he hung out with Nick but did not see Bobbi Kristina. He was told she was in the bedroom. Nick wandered away and Max says he didn't pay attention to his whereabouts. The cable guy showed sometime after 10 AM and Max says he let him in -- Nick was nowhere to be seen. The cable guy said he needed access to the bedroom so Max let him in and discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub. He screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR. We're told Max claims Nick allegedly cleaned up the home and removed blood stains. Cops interviewed both Max and Nick and they want to debrief Max again, but our law enforcement sources say Max's lawyer insisted on immunity before he spoke again. We're told as of Friday morning Max hadn't gotten immunity or talked to cops.

source: TMZ
Nick is going to jail -- the Houston family would not be happier.

Meanwhile, the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety issued an arrest warrant on Jan. 28 -- three days before her drowning. According to the police department spokesperson: “The warrant was issued because Ms. Kristina Brown failed to show up for a mandatory court appearance after being cited for operating a motor vehicle with expired tag registration.” That moving violation occurred Sept. 9. Given her current situation, the warrant has since been rescinded. “In light of recent events involving Ms. Kristina Brown, we are not focused on the warrant issue. In fact, we asked the court to dismiss the warrant and recall it, which they did. The important issue is we hope the grieving family and friends find comfort during this difficult period," the spokesperson said.

Update, Feb. 9: The injuries, according to local media, are to Bobbi Kristina's face and mouth. Police are also looking into drugs they found in the home.
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