Thursday, October 29, 2009

Report: Stedman Has Walked Out on Oprah Because of Her Alcohol, Drug Abuse; She Offers Him $150M to Keep Quiet

A series of unfortunate events have allegedly led talk show queen Oprah to seek comfort in alcohol and drugs, but now those decisions have reportedly caused her partner of many years, Stedman Graham, to dump her and fearing he will expose her secrets, she's willing to pay him $150 million to stay quiet.


The National Enquirer (you know it) reports that the plummeting ratings for her talk show, an alleged feud with Michelle Obama and losing Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games have caused Oprah much distress.

She's allegedly drinking more than usual and caused friction in her relationship.

"During their final blowup, Stedman told her she needed help, but Oprah told him he was seeing a problem that wasn't there. Right now she's in panic mode She's fearful Stedman could write a book and tell all her secrets. Oprah feels she needs to buy his silence and is willing to pay him $150 million! But all Stedman is concerned about is Oprah's welfare. The last thing he wants is her money -- what he really wants is to see her healthy," said the close source. "But her booze and drug binges seem to have finally ruined their relationship."

The couple has broken up and made up in the past. The Enquirer says after a fight last year, Stedman moved into a hotel, but within a few days he was back with Oprah. Stedman reportedly moved out again earlier this year after he became "tired of being disrespected."

Apparently when Oprah took her entire staff and their families on that 14-day Mediterranean cruise, she invited best friend Gayle (who, by the way, is a member of her staff), but not Stedman.

Stedman was livid! He was so mad, he packed up his belongings and moved out of her Chicago condo.

Upon her return, she "begged" him to come back. And he did, tepidly.

"Stedman would arrive with an overnight bag and spend some nights at Oprah's place," said an insider. "It looked like she'd won him back, but he became terribly angry that she was partying again. He was so fed up, that he walked out again, saying, 'This time it's for good!'"

Now, Stedman and friends fear Oprah may turn to go back to using drugs.

We hope this is not true.

Sidebar: Rosie O'Donnell says Oprah and Gayle are a couple.

During an interview on the The Howard Stern Show recently, Howard asked Rosie about the rumors of Oprah and Gayle's gay relationship stem from.

“I don’t know. I think she’s never been married and she’s exceptionally close to Gayle," Rosie said. "I don’t know that she and Gayle are necessarily doing each other but I think they are the emotional equivalent of …”

“A gay couple,” Howard asked.

“When they did that road trip, that’s as gay as it gets And I don’t mean it to be an insult either. I’m just saying, listen, if you ask me, that’s the couple," Rosie, whose own marriage is crumbling, added.

Source: National Enquirer, Nov. 9, print edition. source 2

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Ugh! How much of this is really real???

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