Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kobe Bryant Accuser Suffers Drug Overdose

Eight years before he was accused of assaulting a man at church, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was at the center of a major sexual assault case. Katelyn Faber, who was the receptionist at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Colorado, claimed the NBA baller, who was staying at the resort, raped her in his hotel room on July 1, 2003. (Here's the back story: Kobe admitted to sleeping with Katelyn, but maintained that it was consensual. The case was dropped after Katelyn refused to testify. She then filed a civil suit demanding at least $75,000 in damages. The suit was settled out of court. A key stipulation in the settlement called for Kobe to publicly apologize to Katelyn. Which he did.) Now that you're caught up, the folks over at The Globe got their hands on a police report that says Katelyn, who's now 27 and has a 3-month-old son, was rushed to a hospital near her Parker, Colo. home after overdosing on cocaine on July 16.
Her boyfriend, Cort Colon, 25, father of her infant son,....told officers Katelyn, who had been drinking wine and had taken a "half bag of cocaine," began complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath after they went to bed at 3am. At 6am, he feared she had "overdosed" but didn't "call police in fear they would lose their child," says the police report. He called his mom Ivy Dennis and when she arrived at 7am she called 911. Officers were finally able to bring Katelyn around enough to say her name after giving her a sternum rub. She was "holding her head with her hair covering her face" as she was taken to the ambulance, say sources.

Source: Globe, Aug. 29, print edition
We hear you asking: Who the hell cares? We don't either. But, we're in the middle of a slow news cycle (read: summer), so indulge us. With that said, child welfare swooped down on Katelyn -- who's done time in rehab before -- and Cort's home and are considering removing the baby from their care.

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Anonymous said...

That's messed up

Anonymous said...

Kobe hit it and quit it wooooo!!!

BFb said...

Sad story. It's disgusting how a rape victim of a celebrity can be treated.

Anonymous said...

Bitch wanted to get paid and she did !

Anonymous said...

She did NOT get paid one cent. Kobe Bryant's lawyers manipulated the situation and given the fragile mindset of the victim, both the sexual trauma and her use of drugs, she was convinced that a public apology was all that was necessary....

Anonymous said...

She is mentally ill, no disputing that multiple persons testified to that. Hypersexuality, compulsive promiscuous behavior is common (particularly among women) in a few types of mental illness such as Bipolar I, schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder. Hard to say whether she knew she was lying to get sympathy, attention, or payday, or whether mental illness caused her to earnestly misinterpret the reality of what happened (e.g. confabulation, delusion). Either way, it's perfect example of what is wrong with the notion that "a woman would never lie about rape".

Anonymous said...

could it ACTUALLY be that no one is blaming the victim here. simply that the victim tried to commit SUICIDE TWICE, was abusing her anti-psychotic meds (with huge side effects)... clearly this doesnt have to be reported as drug use is comorbid with suicidal ideation.

could it just possibly be that this girl wanted to fuck kobe bryant? and they did?

like.. once it was already consensual.. she probably asked him to stop because he is 6 foot 6 lifting star athlete which increases sexual performance.

blaming the victim?

kobe has had no criminal history.. nothing. there is nothing to write about because he doesnt have a past history.

there is no labeling here, its purely factors. the victim had worn panties with semen from another male !

this is REAL LIFE , clearly the media and people blame the victim.. but this is factual shit.

the woman overdoses on half a bag of cocaine and some wine on a casual night ... little kid there?

come on people.

fuck kobe in this. lets just give some props to the law. no one got paid. think about it.

Modern Grace said...

It's amazing that some people still think she was raped. Besides the fact that she planned to sleep with as many celebrities as possible (and this info was from her own friend), the DNA of several men was found on her underwear. She wanted a payday, plain and simple. No woman who is truly raped is going to settle for a civil suit and $$$ over a conviction.

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