Thursday, October 20, 2011

WATCH: Druggie Granny, History Lesson, Baby Scam

Poor Judy Weible. Like the out of control old people we've featured in the past weeks, the 61-year-old granny from Jackson, Miss. needs Jesus. Earlier this week she tried to offload about 30 hydrocodone pills and called the potential buyer incessantly. When the person didn't respond, she began to text him. What she didn't know is she was calling and texting the wrong number; it belonged to a cop, who swooped in and arrested her for being a donkey.

For two days, 52-year-old William Hinds taunted 911 dispatchers, calling the emergency number 117 times. He was drunk. Yes, for two days straight. Police really got concerned when he called, claiming he just shot his wife and another man. When police responded, they found no bodies, but did find plenty of empty beer bottles. But it gets better: As police were placing him under arrest, William escaped.

Meanwhile in Rossville, Ga., a woman went on tirade about slavery, immigration, etc. because workers at a Kwik-E-Mart charged her $0.15 for a glass of water. We doubt she even knows what she's talking about.

Man mows down two teenagers who were on their way to school, the driver showed up at the Nicole Tolbert's home to apologize -- and be brought her flowers.

Residents want a Tampa nightclub shuttered -- and we can see why, they have very lax security and more than 50 violent crimes have been committed there since since 2002, including a murder last month.

Police have arrested 4 people in connection with a panhandling scam to solicit money to pay for an infant's funeral. The thing is: there was no dead baby. Heather Nichols, 21, Catherine Mendez, 22, Chasity Doll, 20, and Jamari Carter, 26, were all arrested. Police say the group made from $700 to $1,400 a day and had been ongoing for six months to a year in San Diego, Modesto and Arizona.

Forty years after she killed her husband by throwing hot grease on him, 76-year-old Mary Ann Rivera was finally located and arrested. Fry her!

And in Libya, fashion maven and surgicalized dictator Muammar Gadhafi was killed.

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