Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WATCH: 600-pound Man Evicted For Being Fat + Lady Shocked to Learn Chicken McNuggets are Made from Actual Chickens

Joseph DiBenedetto, a 600-pound 25-year-old is being evicted from his New Haven, Connecticut home because he's destroying the landlord's property. He called up the local TV station seeking sympathy from viewers. (Sidebar: This mother needs to stop making excuses for her overweight son.)

For decades, churches and other volunteers have been feeding homeless citizens in parks in Philadelphia every night. Mayor Michael Nutter says those good Samaritans must be stopped! Today, he signed law making it illegal to feed the homeless in city parks.

Well, well, well. Phaedra Parks, the attorney on the Real Housewives of Atlanta has a shady criminal past and it's catching up with her. According to three-time convicted felon and author Angela Stanton, Phaedra was involved in federal racketeering, car thefts and insurance fraud, oh my! In her new memoir, "Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil", Angela speaks of her own criminal past and details how Phaedra (who was a former friend) ran a crime ring that landed everyone in jail -- except Phaedra "I'm a Lawyer" Parks. This should get interesting.

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Shanae Lewis was shopping at a Radio Shack in Hillandale, Maryland when she got into an argument with a sales person over a five-cent bag tax. She asked for her money back. The salesman refunded her money and added a little something extra on the receipt. On the bottom of the receipt he typed in "ugly itch, ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland."

This is NOT going to end well. Bobbi Kristina, the troubled and sexually-loose 19-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston, is boning (and is possibly engaged to) her "adopted" brother and gun-toting trouble-maker Nicholas "Nick" Gordon. Booby, Cissy -- anyone! -- please get this girl some help before it's too late!

↪ Raquel House purchased (cough) a "snack" consisting of four pieces of chicken McNuggets, a small fry and an ice cream cone from a McDonald's in Elkhart, Indiana. She discovered a feather in one of the chicken products. Alert the media.

Gonja Wolf, an art teacher at a high school in San Diego, has been placed on paid leave while the district investigates an allegation that she refused to allow a 14-year-old student to leave class to go to the bathroom and instead told the girl to urinate in a bucket. The girl has sued the school district seeking more than $35,000 in damages for psychological treatment and medical expenses.

Early Tuesday morning, a gay couple was brutally attacked in Dallas. The men told police they were walking to a corner store at about 2am when five men in a car pulled up alongside them and shouted anti-gay slurs. Two of the attackers got out of the car with baseball bats, hitting one of the victims at least four times in the head and knocking him unconscious for a short time. The other victim tried to fight back and got caught in the car's passenger side door as the attackers sped away. The attackers are still on the loose, so if you

If your heater or air conditioner stops working in Atlanta, don't call Mechanic's Heating and Air Conditioning to repair it. Not because it has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau and jacks up its prices, but because the company owner, Monty White, buys the Internet domain name of customers who complain about the service for the sole purpose of harassing and/or embarrassing them. A mess!

Michael Rhodes, his wife, Tamara -- along with Steven Mills and a 14-year-old relative -- are facing attempted murder charges after they lured a 14-year-old girl through a chat line to their Philadelphia home and lit her on fire, then forced her to post a video on Facebook afterwards telling the world she deserved it.

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