Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WATCH: Man Shot to Death After Argument Over Price of Condoms + Homeless Hotspots

Last Saturday, 24-year-old Michael Haynes walked into a BP gas station in Detroit to purchase condoms. He didn't walked out. According to police, Michael got into the clerk over the price of the condoms and he demanded the return of his money. On his way out of the store, Michael pushed over several shelves of merchandise and the store clerk (23-year-old Kassim Saleh) opened fire, killing Michael. Kassim was charged with murder.

Samantha Scarano, 25, is charged with attempted murder and held on $1.25 million bail for setting fire to a West Hollywood apartment after getting into a fight with an ex-roommate.

Oneal Morris, the tranny arrested for injecting people with Fix-a-Flat and cement at pumping parties in Miami, was arrested in Broward County yesterday on similar charges. According police, Oneal met victims Lournise Linton and Ophelia Parker at a Motel 6 on May 26, 2009, to administer the injections. Linton, 41, and Parker, 36, told authorities that Morris wore a nurse's uniform, gloves and had a photo ID around her neck. One of the victims told authorities the substance injected into her buttocks was stored in a Pedialyte bottle. The other said she was unable to remove a cotton ball placed over her injection wound due to the super glue that was used. The women paid between $3,000 and $4,000 for the procedure, the BSO said. The third victim, 36-year-old Tiffany Kennedy, had her injection procedure performed for $1,000 at her home in Tamarac on March 12, 2009. All of the women developed medical complications and infections and had to be taken to a hospital or doctor's office.

Elizabeth Macias is outraged! The granny lives next door to a banquet hall in Savannah, Georgia, but she fears the loud noise, public intoxication and shootouts is bringing down her property value -- plus, she's afraid for her safety.

↪ A New York ad agency has created a "charitable experiment" by turning homeless people into walking Wi-Fi hotspots. The human hotspot is instructed to stand in a certain area and let "customers" come to them. Users must be within 30 feet of the human wifi server to get the service. A $2 per 15 minutes is encouraged, but any donation is accepted.

Last weekend, Amanda Still was throwing out some garbage when her cell phone fell down the trash chute. You know where this is going: She tried to reach for the phone and fell into the chute, where she spent an hour screaming for help before she was rescued. Now, the building owner is threatening to sue her for the damage to the chute -- and yes, her phone is still missing. Also, don't climb into a storm drain to retrieve your cell phone.

14-year-old Willow Tufano shelled out $12,000 (which she earned from selling found furniture on Craigslist) to purchase a two-bedroom, one-bath home in Port Charlotte, Florida that was in foreclosure. She's cleaned up the home is now renting it for $700 a month. (Minors can't own real estate in Florida, so Willow bought the house with her mother, real estate agent Shannon Moore, who paid for half. Willow hopes to buy out her mother by the time she's 18. She may even buy another house. )

Michael Nuanes, Jr, a 37-year-old Denver police officer, said his girlfriend attacked him and threw a Barbie-sized Justin Bieber doll at him, injuring his foot.

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